Wednesday, October 10, 2012

call me ima

call me ima

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Friday, September 28, 2012


For female characters in various anime seems less likely than their male counterparts or even dominate male main character. Even in this type of anime "NAMI", described women a greater role not only to be an interesting topic in love with the male characters, but also to serve as a contrast or compliment to their skills. Let us begin by quoting some types of popular anime that contain female characters who dominate often male main character.

And who did not know about Datsun of "Naruto", the granddaughter of the first Homage and she herself became the Fifth Homage of Kenosha  Described as a fierce woman in 20 despite her exact age is in the 50s. Has a fierce force in the battle fearsome opponents to death, and not only that it also has the ability that can heal heal anyone, even if he was in his / her death. Tsunade freely describe a woman can do what he wants, and he seems to be stronger than the other respected ninja in Konoha that allows people to respect and follow its decisions. Awarded the title of Fifth Hokage of Konoha, Tsunade shows female domination. We note her even Shizune assistant women also called training so she Haruno Sakura is.

Another female celebrities of popular "One Piece" anime NAMI, Nami the Navigator and is also exceptional thief "Straw Hat Pirates." Nami described as a strong-willed female character in anime, such as it is a collection of more in the group and the ability to predict the weather and incredible movement that when he was young was a slave to the cold-blooded pirates to save his village. Report and be smart with the help of straw hat pirates soon help to save his village and adoptive families. Nami such as "mother figure" in their boat Merry Go, and he keeps everything set up and often takes control of the ship when the monkey leader D. Luffy was useless. So he could make a fierce sword Roronoa Zoro to follow his orders, Sanji also an amazing chef who mesmerized him ready to be enslaved by it. Nami force girls here shows his power to control men even in a simple way.

The last one to describe his dominance is immortal witch "Code Geass" CC who has the power of mind control geass. Power tools means to dominate others. And because the contract made with the protagonist Lelouch said of the story and give geass the control of others, and control over people's minds and wide. CC is characterized as a person, pretty clever, selfish and sometimes creepy does everything for themselves. In the anime, CC last vaguely like a piece. Because Britannian especially Britannians force discovered the emperor become blind by that blind CC and strength. Geass CC creates a mental disorder for the characters, especially Lelouch of the main character, who becomes a killer in order to achieve its goal to avenge the death of his mother and his blind sister. This kind of dominance that he was portrayed in this anime character brings disaster and tragedy.

These are some examples of anime, which I think it has a female domination, before my own. Female domination to be a leader, and control females by means as simple as doing what did our mothers and domination of women through the destruction. Sometimes it's amazing how women can dominate everything and anime gives us an idea of how beautiful and scary sometimes called female domination.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

One piece

One piece swimsuits are from women all over the world every summer worn on the beach, by the pool or if they want to get a tan. Unlike two-piece swimsuits or bikinis, one piece bathing suits cover the upper and lower body, abs. Some women wear them because they do not want to show too much of her body. Before the introduction of the bikini or two piece bathing suits, every woman wears a swimsuit one piece. Previously, he was also wearing a swimsuit that covers her torso. Women are one piece bathing suits behind the trend in the 20s and remained so until the mid-50s, when the first two-piece swimsuit was introduced

Women are the most widely used is the one-piece swimwear swimsuit maillot tank and which consists of a tank-style swimsuit at the top and high-cut legs at the bottom. There are many different types of one-piece swimsuits, such as halter (support consisting of a rope around his neck, the swimwear at the top of the body), wrap-round and a bandeau (which is more elastic and have no intention on the part above). The other type of women one piece swimwear is a coat pretzels with string cross around his neck, but this piece of swimwear that is not public.

A new type of women one piece swimwear is the skin, which combines parts one and wetsuit. It is a piece swimsuits elastic and they can cover more parts of the body such as arms and legs, as opposed to a normal piece of clothing that does not cover the entire pool body. This one-piece swimsuits are made specifically for professional swimmers because they. Not as comfortable being a special fabric that are made cut through the water like fish skin

Swimwear one garment can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Once you have chosen the form, you should see a colour or pattern. If you want to go for something retro, you can those who have a small dots printed on them. You can be sure that if you choose something retro, you will attract the attention of all. However, if you want something on trend, you can create a bathing suit with a floral pattern. You can find all kinds of designs today in the online shop or at the local swimwear shop. You just have to pick one.

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